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How to Stay Motivated to Lose Your Weight

How to Stay Motivated to Lose Your Weight


I have come across people who nearly achieve their goal but due to lack of motivation and will power they quit. Your weight loss journey can be quite a ride and yes you will face a lot of hurdles. But, you need to stay motivated and focused.

A weight-loss journey is not only about a fixed diet plan or some exercise routine. It is also about your will power. But lack of motivation will affect your will power and you will eventually quit your weight loss program. Therefore I am providing you some ways so that you can stay motivated and you can achieve your dream goal—

Set a goal that is realistic

Well, to be honest, my weight loss program was quite a ride to hell as I used to set up goals those were nearly impossible for me. For instance, I hate salads and yet I set up a goal of eating salads for the whole day. And that did not work out well for me. Then I realized the key to achieve your goal is to set up the right one. No one knows you better than yourself. So if you set up a goal that is not realistic for you then it is not going to work out. Set up a goal you know you can stick to till the end.

Try hard but do not push yourself harder

Well, I know what it’s like to be when you feel out of the group because you look fat in the group picture or when you love the dress but you cannot buy because you know you cannot fit in there. So it is obvious to try hard and lose weight. But that does not mean you will push yourself harder. Stop pushing yourself to the edge. Do not force yourself when you can no more handle it. Choose a day for yourself in the week, ditch your diet, and ditch your exercise routine. Eat whatever you want to, drink whatever you want to. Relax and treat yourself. You deserve that.

You are not a perfectionist

Being perfect is a myth and you cannot expect yourself to be a perfectionist. So when you weigh yourself in the weighing machine at the end of the week and you do not find your desired result, do not feel bad. This is just the start and eventually, everything will be at places just as you want it to be.

Patience is the key

You know you are eating right, exercising well and following every rule just the way it should be followed. You are losing weight well. Then you are stuck to one particular weight for several days. Do not be frustrated. Instead, tap yourself on the back that you have achieved half of it and you are able to stick to one particular weight. Be patient and the right result will come to you soon.

Ask yourself some questions

You know self-criticism is something that affects you more than anything. Whenever you feel like quitting your weight loss program, criticize yourself. Ask yourself a few questions like – ‘how am I going to look after 5 weeks if I ditch my diet plan from now onwards?” Or ask “if I stop exercising now how bad will it affect my health?” The answer to these questions will eventually lead you to the right path. Remember you can judge yourself better than anyone.

Pamper Yourself

C’mon! You have done a lot of hard work to achieve that. Take yourself out on shopping. Buy yourself a pair of jeans or maybe your favorite lipstick. Pamper yourself with a spa treatment. You have been hard on yourself lately.

Well, motivation just needs a bit of push and here I have pushed you real hard with some solid ways. Whenever you are on the verge of quitting, remember these tips and start implementing. Be positive and be motivated. You can share your own weight loss journey experience on your comment section below.