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Does Stairs Climbing Help to Lose Weight?

Does Stairs Climbing Help to Lose Weight?

Dreaming about that muscular ab and toned body instead of a sack of belly fats is our favorite pastime. But dreaming won’t help you unless you actually toil hard for them. Working hard in those treadmills, weight machines, controlling your diet plan won’t fulfill them unless you stay fit and active in your daily schedule.

Being in the twenty-first century, we meet new technology and gadgets every day which makes our life easier. But that also makes us lazy. Thus, in order to shed those extra pounds, one needs to exercise and workout not only in gyms but in every sphere of life. After all, health is wealth and to gain than one must do hard work and overcome hurdles.

One of the simplest ways to stay healthy in daily life is to take stairs always. Confused? Taking stairs is the easiest and effective aerobic exercise. It keeps your strong, healthy and helps you to bid farewell to saggy fats. Walking upstairs can be easily incorporated in your regular workout schedule.

Here are certain benefits of taking stairs for weight loss-

Goodbye Calories

Ever wonder that burning calories can be that easy? It isn’t. It is a whole journey and struggle in itself. And in this journey, taking stairs can be your best friend. Mayo Clinic experts advise, physical activity is a must for weight loss and taking upstairs every day is the most effective physical activity that helps in weight loss.

One can burn five calories in a minute if they take upstairs at moderate intensity. It further can burn up to 200-350 calories if one walks on the stairs for an hour in stair treadmills.

Cardiovascular Benefits

Walking upstairs is a perfect exercise for the cardiovascular system. It helps in their proper functioning. It also is effective in proper blood circulation and whole-body exercise. However, asthma patients should not try taking stairs as intensified exercise.

Builds Muscle

Walking upstairs builds your muscle growth. It elongates and stretches your muscles providing proper blood circulation in them. It tones up them giving you the perfect sculpted look that you desired.

Enhances Metabolism

This aerobic physical exercise is a great way to enhance your metabolism. This done on long term increases your metabolism at a faster rate, leading to burning of calories at a faster pace.

Strong Leg Muscles

Walking upstairs includes mostly leg movements and involves the muscles of the lower body. This generates strong muscles mass in them which enables you to get stronger legs. In some cases, doctors advise people to take stairs more often than elevators for their joint pains.

Thus, we can see walking up on stairs is highly beneficial. Incorporate this healthy habit in your daily life and shed away your calories. One can also include it in their workout regime in an intensified manner in stair treadmills. Thus, bidding farewell to your excessive weight can be easy with this simple yet effective daily exercise.