People shed lot of sweat on workouts and later maintain a strict regime of diet plan. But they tend to forget the inclusion of protein juices that are essentially important as the other meals. Filled with vitamins and proteins, they not only burn your calories but also do great wonders for your skin.

Here is the list of 10 homemade smoothies that can give you a great shape without toiling you hard to prepare them.

  1. Hello, lemonade– With high citrus content, lemons are best to burn your fats, detox your body and give a toned tummy. Squeeze a lemon or two in lukewarm water, add ginger juice and mix it with a teaspoon of honey. Have it every morning after your workout session and you will thank us later.
  2. Banana smoothie– Bananas are like the magical potion which fulfills your desire of a slender body frame. Peel off two bananas, add milk and blend them for 15 minutes and served them with ice cubes. This relaxes your muscles and even adds radiance to your skin.
  3. Apple-cider vinegar– Apple-cider vinegar mixed with lemon and honey boosts up your metabolism and detoxes your body. This burn calories and also keeps your body hydrated in the summer. Have it before meals, 3 times a day to bid farewell to your calories.
  4. Carom seeds juice-Soak carom seeds in hot water over night and add 1 teaspoon of organic honey and have it the next morning on empty stomach. This juice enables you to have a fast digestion and even is effective to lose your weight faster.
  5. Buttermilk and Mint– Grandmas’ tales are filled with praises of buttermilk. But it is used not only to ward of prickly summer heat but also calories. Blend buttermilk with 5-7 mint leaves and have it after your meals thrice a day. This natural juice is effective to control obesity and also enhances fluid bowel functions.
  6. Tomatoes to rescue-Filled with anti-oxidants, tomato juice with honey and cumin seeds are a most effective to lose a ton. Having it daily morning on empty stomach keeps fats at bay and also checks on your cholesterol levels.
  7. Green tea– How can one forget the goodness of green tea? With anti-oxidants qualities, it is the best fat-burning fluids. It is a metabolism booster and also a saviour in reducing period cramps.
  8. Cranberry juice– Cranberry contains high amount of citrus, vitamins and anti-oxidants. It is a delicious way to reduce your tummy sack. Blend cranberry juice, water and honey or any other citrus fruit and have it on empty stomach to burn your calories.
  9. Minty-magic– The cooling agent mint is very effective in losing weight. Mix mint leaves and lukewarm water with pinch of pepper and 1 teaspoon honey to reduce fats. It also improves your digestive metabolism and congestion.
  10. Pineapple smoothie-The anti-inflammatory properties of pineapple helps in controlling obesity and burning calories. Blend half pineapple with ginger root and honey and squeeze drops of lemon juice on it. Having this every morning after breakfast gives you the body of Greek goddesses.

These homemade juices are easy to make and enables a faster effect of your workout regime.