The sole desire of female sapiens is to eat their hearts fill and not gain a single ton. But our eating habits of today comprises of junkies, fattening and high cholesterol edibles. A perfect workout regime comprises the diet plan of healthy edibles and fluids.

Breakfast is the most essential meal time of the day. Thus, the day must start with low calories and high protein diet to reduce your tummy sack.

A complete breakfast meal plan is designed for lose weight and compliment the workout regime.

Egg-white muffin

This is a high protein and fat-melting meal enriched with calcium. This easy recipe includes of scrambling 2-3 egg whites, covering ½ spinach leaves with whole grain muffin and the other part with fatless cheese. One should toast it till the cheese is melted. One can also add tomato for taste.


This is the often eaten meal to reduce calories. Oats also checks on cholesterol levels and are enriched with iron. One can prepare instant oatmeal with skim milk and add apples to it. Apples further improve metabolism and immune system.

Green smoothie

Treat yourself with smoothie of 1 chopped banana, milk, ½ spinach, 1 teaspoon of honey together and spend the whole day feeling energetic. This melts down your fats and gives you the toned figure you always desired.

Egg sandwich

Bread is staple food with low calories. One can eat an egg sandwich with fat reduced cheese and even salmon smoked one without any regrets. This lip smacking food not only adds flavor to your taste buds but burns your calories as well.

Mushrooms and other veggies

Mushroom is enriched with high minerals and is also effective in fat-melting. A sober recipe of mushrooms, spinach and broccoli sautéed in olive oil checks your weight and keeps other food cravings at bay.

Sautéed tofu

Tofu, enriched with high proteins sautéed in olive oil with green veggies can give you a toned stomach without a fear of gaining calories. Tofu can also be used in milkshakes after workout session for effective muscle growth.

Rice pudding with pistachio

Brown rice cooking in milk is a wholesome breakfast which fastens your metabolism and reduces weight. It can also be topped by tart cherries and pistachio to add an exotic flavor to it.

Muesli with tart cherries

Muesli is eaten worldwide for their healthy and fat reducing properties. They can be soaked in milk and later garnished with tart cherries. Studies revealed that pigments in tart cherries burns calories and enables for healthy immune system.

Barley with walnuts

Barley meals come with the promise of calorie -flushing properties. They can be cooked by boiling on low fat milk for 15 minutes and one can add walnuts to it. This enriched meal with iron and vitamins gives you the slender body and improves your digestion too.

These breakfast meals will be loved by your taste buds without the regrets of gaining calories by your body. Bon appetite!