A lot of people has turned vegan lately and trust me it is one of the best way to treat your stomach. The idea of raw vegan diet plan is to detox your body while providing you the benefits of weight loss. Raw vegan diet plan is not a new idea as since a long time it has been used as full time diet, yet a very few people know how to start a raw vegan diet plan.

Recently a friend of mine was quite interested in starting a vegan diet after learning about the benefits, but what made her stop is the question, “how to start a completely raw vegan diet directly after a full time meal diet plan?” the question is legitimate as it is not quite easy for you to change things over night.

How to Start Your Raw Vegan Diet?

Before you start your diet plan, you need to know how to start your diet plan. Well if you are someone who follows a standard American diet which includes a lot of fats and processed foods, then you need to start reducing the amount of fats and processed food in your diet 5-6 days prior to raw vegan diet food. And you need to remember that you will no more be able to add any dairy products in your diet.

Benefits of Raw Vegan Diet

There are a lot of benefits of raw vegan diet. So before you start your diet plan, look into the benefits once so that you get motivated—

  • The diet plan helps you to lose weight. As there are no dairy products, no more fats or artificial sweetened products, your body stays away from storing extra fats and calories.
  • Raw vegan diet plan flushes away all your toxins from your body.
  • The diet plan gives you better and clear skin.
  • Raw vegan diet plan improves your digestive system.

What to Eat?

So you can no more add milk, fish, wheat, eggs or chicken in your meal plan. All you have got is fruits and vegetables. So if you are confused about what to eat, here is a list of things you can eat—


  • Berry smoothie with cacao drizzle and Chia Seed Pudding
  • Green super food detox smoothie
  • Raw banana pancakes with almond butter
  • Raw blackberry chocolate cake
  • Winter Glow smoothie


  • Raw Pea, Mint and Avocado soup
  • Rainbow salad
  • Easy avocado salad
  • Creamy raw butternut squash soup with marinated mushrooms
  • Raw massaged Kale salad with fresh oranges and Figs


  • The ultimate Raw Vegan Pizza, low fat, salt and oil free
  • Raw Lasagna with sun dried tomato and marinated veggies.
  • Miso sesame kale bowled over
  • Raw Zucchini noodles with Tomato basil sauce
  • Crazy delicious Raw Pad Thai


  • Creamy Chai Coconut Chia Pudding
  • Pecan Pie Bliss Balls
  • Raw banana bread energy bar
  • Raw vegan Granola bar crackers
  • Raw Ginger energy bites


  • Triple berry cheesecake
  • Raw vegan chocolate and almond fudge
  • Raw Vegan super food chocolate
  • Chocolate chip cookie dough bite

So here are a few things you can eat when you are on a raw vegan diet. If you have any other meal options, share with us on the comment box below.