The countries surrounded by Mediterranean Sea follow this amazing diet plan based on their traditional foods. Now you may think what is so special about this diet plan or why one should follow this diet; well this is what we are going to talk about on this particular article today.

So what is Mediterranean diet exactly? Well first thing first. This diet plan has been followed by the countries around the Mediterranean Sea since a very long time, but it was widely introduced in America in the year 1970 by American Scientist Ancel Keys and his wife Margaret Keys. However, the diet became quite popular around the late 90s.

The Idea Of Mediterranean Diet Plan

The idea of Mediterranean is quite simple. The idea is to get enough nutrients and proteins with a set of particular diet schedule. Here what you can see on your Mediterranean diet plan—

  • The Mediterranean diet plan focuses on the amount of meat and sweets you eat in a day. It should be lesser than the amount you normally take.
  • The idea is to consume a fine yet moderate amount of yoghurt, eggs, poultry or cheese.
  • Mediterranean diet plan focuses on adding seafood and fish on your diet at least once a week.
  • Vegetables are quite important and so are the grains, olive oil, beans, legumes, herbs, nuts, spice and seeds. So add all these in your meal as much as possible.

5 days Mediterranean diet Plan

If you are new to the diet plan, then here is a 5 days Mediterranean diet plan for that you can follow. Have a look—

Day 1 : Monday

  • Breakfast – Banana and Quinoa oatmeal with beautifully chopped hazelnuts and walnuts. Add some cinnamon for a bit of extra flavor.
  • Morning snack – Hardboiled egg, One
  • Lunch – a salad prepared with onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, feta, black olives and pepperoncinis topped with a piece of dill salmon.
  • Afternoon snack—two hard boiled eggs
  • Dinner – Mediterranean shrimp skillet with a homemade tabbouleh.

Day 2: Tuesday

  • Breakfast – whole wheat bread, two pieces, and a slice of avocado with some sprinkled feta along with a sunny side up egg.
  • Morning Snack – Greek Yoghurt Parfait. Prepare the parfait with a Greek Yoghurt base, silvered pumpkin seeds, almonds, a sprinkle of granola. Add a little bit of honey on the top.
  • Lunch – Homemade tabbouleh.
  • Afternoon Snack – a bit of low fat mozzarella, some slices of tomatoes, some olives and some fresh basil.
  • Dinner – Lamb meatballs prepared with some Lemon- cumin Greek yoghurt sauce. Prepare a big batch so that you can use it the next day in your lunch.

Day 3 : Wednesday

  • Breakfast – Mediterranean frittata
  • Morning Snack – Almonds with some berries
  • Lunch – Leftover meatballs from last night’s dinner with some pita.
  • Afternoon Snacks—Hummus with some carrots
  • Dinner – Quinoa

Day 4 : Thursday

  • Breakfast – Greek Yoghurt Parfait
  • Morning Snack – an apple with some walnuts
  • Lunch – Toasted pita with onions, tomatoes, a few hummus, peppers, cucumbers and feta cheese.
  • DinnerDill salmon with roasted lemon (two servings)

Day 5: Friday

  • Breakfast – Mediterranean frittata
  • Morning Snacks – Fresh fruit and Greek yoghurt
  • Lunch – Leftover Salmon Dill from last night’s dinner
  • Afternoon snack –Saladmade of lemon, chick pea and parmesan
  • Dinner – White fish fillet with tomato, olive and thyme.

This is how you can follow your Mediterranean diet plan. The diet will give you amazing results with a lot of nutrients and proteins. The diet plan saves a lot of your money as you can see a lot of ingredients have been repeated.

Benefits of Mediterranean diet plan

There are a lot of benefits of Mediterranean diet plan. They can be concluded as—

  • Takes a control over obesity. Does no let you gain weight and helps you in losing weight.
  • Keeps you away from diseases like asthma and Cardiac diseases.
  • Prevents type 2 diabetes.
  • Improves your mood.

The Mediterranean diet keeps your body healthy, happy and fresh. So follow the diet plan and get amazing results soon. Share your experience with us in the comment section below.