Best Aerobic Exercise for Weight Loss at Home

What does come to your mind when people talk about weight loss? Intense workouts, strict diet plans and weight loss supplements. Isn’t it? But losing belly fat and burning calories is not as easy as it seems. And if you do not like hitting the gym everyday and you feel workouts with equipments are not doing much good with you then here you have the best option—Aerobics.

Aerobics are known to be the best weight loss regime one can ever experience. It helps you to lose belly fat, burns your calories and reduces the risk of cardiac issues. Here are a few amazing aerobic exercises you can do at home—

  • Skipping – Well honestly I believe that skipping is the best exercise to lose weight and reduce belly fat for both men and women. Mainly your shoulder, thighs, bottom and calves get the best shapes when you do skipping. Go for high energy intense skipping and you can burn a lot of calories. Study shows that a 45 minute duration skipping burns 450 calories.
  • Kickboxing – Honestly, this one is my personal favorite. Kickboxing is one of the best aerobic exercises you can do at home. It burns the fats form your waist and thighs. In one hour you can burn up to 863 calories. And that is a huge amount of calories you can burn just in an hour.
  • Dancing – Workouts can be quite fun at times especially when you can groove into your favorite song. Well be it zumba, belly dance or any bollywood songs; dance your heart out into it. You may not be perfect with the steps but guess what it tones your body, burns fat making your body flexible and helps you to lose weight.
  • Stair exercise – Seems quite simple but walking on the stairs will help you to tone up your lower body. It burns a lot of calories and also reduces body fat. Walk on the stairs for 15-20 minutes and with time increase the time to 30 minutes.
  • Squats – Squats are full body exercises and you can lose a lot of weight. Add squats to your daily exercise routine and you can burn a lot of fats and calories.
  • Use hula hoops – This might be your favorite childhood game but honestly you should start playing this game now too. Try all the variations you know but of course you need to buy one hula hoop first. You can burn a lot of calories and belly fat with hula hoop.
  • Jogging in the place – You might hate going to the park for a 30 minute jogging. But hey! Guess what! You can do jogging in the same place at your home and burn your body fat. This also increases your heart rate and boosts your metabolism. Now I guess you no more dislike jogging. Do you?
  • Jumping Jacks – Jumping jacks might be one of the simplest aerobic exercises you can do at home but it gives tremendous results. Jump anywhere at your home while spreading your hands and burn a lot of body fat and calories.
  • Boxing –You know about kickboxing. Now this is another amazing full body aerobic exercise you can try at home. Boxing tones your body, improves your heart rate and helps you in losing weight. Ditch the treadmill and start punching!
  • Bear crawls – Lay in a plank position with your arms and legs on the floor and extended. Keep your body flat. Now move or crawl forward fast.  Put enough weight on your arms. Remember, your arms are doing more work compared to your legs.  Keep crawling for 45-60 seconds.  You can turn around and crawl back if there is lack of space. This exercise will help you in losing weight and burn your belly fat.

Well you no more have to run to the gym everyday or try to get in shape with intense workout. Stay at home, try these amazing aerobic exercises at home and achieve your dream weight. You can thank us later.