Dance workouts to help you lose weight

Working hours on the treadmill, doing squats and lunges can be monotonous and hectic sometimes. One cannot devote the time to go gym from their exhausting daily schedule.

What if we tell you, one can lose their bulging stomach with some dance moves? Yes, it definitely sounds fun. One’s soul can be expressed by dance and it’s more delightful when your ultimate wish can be fulfilled by those dance moves.

Dance, in many forms, is just like a cardio exercise expressing different emotions with rhythms of music. So it is very effective in reducing weight with pleasure. It also concerns the major portions which contain all fatty muscles and even tones up your body giving you the perfect shape.

Here is the list of dance workout which you can incorporate in your workout schedule for losing weight with fun-


Zumba is a swift-paced dance form comprising a mixture of exercise, arm, and leg movements. It makes your body more flexible and toned it into perfection. It burns calories and enables proper blood coordination. Gym instructors reveal that 45 minutes a day of Zumba is enough for losing weight.

Zumba also prevents knee and back problems and keeps you energetic the whole day.


We always drool and stare in awe over Shakira and Beyonce’s belly moves but have you ever wondered this dance can turn out your body just like these two divas? Belly dance originated from Middle East countries but has got widespread popularity over all continents. It enables more flexibility in your body and helps in breaking fats in the abdomen and stomach are giving you a toned up flat stomach. It helps in strengthening the abdominal core muscles and also lengthens spinal column.

It’s fun and gives you toned mid-drift which you always desired.

Bollywood mix-up bhangra

The name itself sounds fun and is dope. It’s a combination of bhangra, Bollywood, and hip-hop. This includes a series of cardio-vascular exercises which are physically draining but can burn up to 500 calories in one session. One can incorporate it into their workout regime for 45-50 minutes and see the result yourself.


Bokwa comprises of a series of dances like African dance, capoeira, kickboxing, light boxing, and light feet work which strengthens calf muscles and ankles. It generally concentrates on the fats of the lower body and does away with them. It can burn up to 1200 calories whilst toning your body to be firm.


It is an old martial dance form performed with traditional music. The speed, aggressiveness, and style are an integral part of this dance. It helps in boosting up one’s metabolism and immunity also. It reduces your weight and makes your body flexible and slender.

It also acts as an excellent stress reliever.


The name itself suggests the combination of Bollywood with aerobics. It is a fun and energetic workout which will leave all your boredom with treadmills at bay. This is an entertaining combination which helps you to reduce your weight along with complete fun.

It makes the body flexible and helps in losing the weight of the body burning up to 1000 calories a day.


This happens to be my favorite dance workout. This is sensuous and fun dance workout with hip, arm and shoulders movements. It elongates the muscles of the spine and breaks fat muscles concerning the hip and abdomen area. It is also a stress reliever and makes one flexible and grace. So varied are the benefits of this dance workout that many gyms and studios are incorporating it in their workout plans. It can burn up to 1300 calories in one session and also helps in correcting the body posture.

These are a few dance workouts that help you lose weight without getting bored with the monotonous workout exercises.  Hurry and put on your dancing shoes and be ready to tone your body with some groovy moves.