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Banana Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Banana Diet Plan for Weight Loss


This yellow fruit may look simple but trust me banana has a lot of hidden qualities that you may not know of! First thing first, the banana makes you lose weight. How? Let’s find out.

The idea of banana diet first started in Japan when a pharmacist named Hitoshi Watanabe’s wife tried to help him to lose weight. What she did is that she let her husband follow a diet of banana and milk for a period of time and guess what; he lost 37 pounds after the diet.

The banana diet plan is no more a hidden secret and dietitians love to prescribe this simple diet plan. It is easy and yes it does help you in losing weight.

What is a banana diet: how to follow it?

Well, the banana diet plan is strictly based on bananas from breakfast to your desert at night. According to the inventor of the diet plan Sumiko Watanabe, wife of Hitoshi Watanabe people who are on the banana diet plan should only eat bananas for breakfast along with a glass of skimmed milk. For lunch eat one banana with a side salad. If you are someone who is into snacks, the snack nothing but bananas. For dinner you can eat anything you want for dessert, you can only eat bananas.

What should be the food intake?

Well, the banana diet plan does not really follow the exact rule of how many bananas you should eat in a day. You can eat as much as you want. But when it comes to other food along with bananas, you need to take care of the amount or the type of food you are eating. You can add only the following foods in your diet routine—

  • Bananas
  • Low fat or skim milk
  • Water
  • Salad
  • A low-calorie dinner. The dinner may include any food but has to be low in calories.

Types of Banana Diet plan

There is a couple of banana diet plan that you can follow and get amazing results. They are

Three days banana diet plan

this diet plan will help you to lose at least 6-7 pounds in just 3-4 days. Eat 3-5 bananas every day with 3-4 cups of milk. If you are short of delicious banana dishes then try banana ice creams. Freeze the banana for few hours then blend them with milk. Your delicious banana ice cream is ready.

Seven days banana diet plan

The seven days banana diet plan will help you to lose 8 pounds. The diet plan includes eggs, bananas, and green tea. This diet plan will cleanse your body and also help you to lose weight. Drink two-three cups of green tea daily, eat at least 3 pounds of bananas and two eggs daily. Continue it for 7 days. You will get great results.

Does the banana diet plan work?

A lot of people become skeptical of eating a banana as they think that it will make them gain weight. Yes, bananas do contain sugar and a lot of calories, but with the right calorie intake and the right planning, you can lose a lot of weight.

However, banana is loaded with vitamin B, magnesium and potassium. They are good for your heart, nervous system, cleanse your kidney and improve your nervous system.

Banana does not contain any fats or bad cholesterol. And the banana diet plan is actually the fastest and the tastiest way to lose some extra pounds. And guess what, the diet keeps you happy as banana helps you to produce serotonin in your body.

Completing a banana diet plan will give you amazing results. The diet plan is easy, fast and tasty that gives effective results. So start your banana diet plan ASAP and share your experience with us.