We often come across a lot of questions regarding Red wine. For example “Is red wine really good for your skin” or “does red wine keeps you healthy”.  To be honest I myself am an admirer of red wine because of the few benefits that I know of. Then again, a question pops up in our minds, “Does red wine help you to lose weight?”

So does red wine really help you to lose weight? Let us find out.

Weight Loss and Red wine

Your weight loss journey is full of various activities. From exercise to controlled diet, from weight loss supplements to various rules and regulations you are bound to lose weight. Your calorie intake is actually something you need to take care of when you are trying to lose weight. Just like other healthy food contains a lot of nutrients, red wine to contains some beneficial nutrients, potassium, iron, vitamin B and some micro-nutrients.  However, you can see red wine is quite good for health but it is not ideal for someone who wants to lose weight as it is quite high in calorie package.

In a research that was conducted last year, it has been found that red wine may turn your bad fats into good fats, but they also said that this cannot be a reason for anyone to take red wine as an option in their weight loss journey. Basically, red wine can help you with some beneficial nutrients but not in losing weight.

Myths about Red wine

There are quite a few myths about red wine that you can hear. One of the most popular ones is that drinking two glasses of red wine before going to bed will help you to lose weight. Studies have found out that this is not quite a good idea.

The first reason why one should not drink red wine before going to sleep is that red wine contains a lot of calories. So two glasses of red wine at night will add a lot of calories in your body which is not advisable in your weight loss journey.

However, drinking before going to bed disturbs your sleep. Most of the time you do not get a peaceful sleep at night when you drink red wine before going to bed. When you do not get proper sleep, your digestive system does not work properly and thus your metabolism rate goes down. Your body cannot burn the fats and calories and your weight loss journey gets affected. On top of that, your next morning becomes quite a hassle.

So you should not really apply this theory of drinking red wine in your weight loss journey before going to bed. It will only mess up your schedule for the next day. 

Red Wine and Its Long-term result in Weight Control

Red wine will not really do any magic on you and help you to lose weight. But yes. One thing red wine does is that it maintains your weight. For instance, if you consume red wine moderately on a daily basis, it will maintain your weight for quite a long time and will not let you become obese or overweight.

So if you are someone who has been drinking red wine moderately for a long time now then you may find out that you will no longer gain any more weight. You probably will weigh the same after 5 or 6 years if you keep drinking red wine but in a moderate way.

Final Verdict on Red wine

Honestly if you really want to go for some drinks which will help you to lose weight then go for lime water or simply water. Red wine is not something that will help you in losing weight. Or you can just stick to your healthy diet and exercise routine. That will bring a lot of changes in your life and help you in your weight loss journey.