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How to Get Rid of Loose Skin After Weight Loss Without Surgery

How to Get Rid of Loose Skin After Weight Loss Without Surgery

How to Get Rid of Loose Skin After Weight Loss Without Surgery

Loose skin is certainly not a welcome sight. And while we all like to accept ourselves for who we are, there are certain aspects, certain parts which just have to go. Excess body fat falls under that column. Apart from the fact that there has been a recent increase in the craze for having a low-fat body and even 6-pack abs, there are plenty more reasons for you to get rid of your love handles.

If we were to give you a picture of how excess fat in your body could have a drastic impact on you both physically and mentally, then it would certainly take some more pages. So, for the sake of your valuable time, let’s keep it short.

If you are reading this article, then we have to assume at this point that you have gone through some change, physically speaking. It can be because you thought it was the wiser choice, it can because you have an ailment or any other reason. We are glad for you as long as you are at ease with your new body with the exception of the loose skin that has been left behind.

While there are many ways of getting rid of that loose skin that lingered behind, we would like to discuss the way that is natural and does not involve you going to a doctor to get approved for surgery. Surgery is one of the options. In fact, it is perhaps the fastest. But it not natural, and it can be costly. Moreover, why let anyone else alter your body when you can do it yourself in a better and safer way?

We do not know whether those were the thoughts which led you to this article, but we know one thing for certain, now that you are here, we are going to help you get to your goals of having a Greek-god like figure. With that in mind, without further ado, let’s start.

Why the Loose Skin?

You may have wondered about this quite a few times and really, it’s not a shocker. Bluntly put, you were fat (we do not intend to offend you but that’s the fact). All that fat was not only accumulated between your organs and muscles but also under your skin. This made the skin tissue stretch quite a bit.

It is a simple observation that when an object is stretched too much beyond its limit. It gets permanently deformed. Your skin is no exception to that. Your body fat is what kept it stretched this whole time and now that it’s gone, there is literally spaces let by it.

Now that the fat has melted away, the portion under your skin which was previously occupied by fat tissues is now vacant. This is what made you get all that loose skin. And for sure, some of that might go away with time but you are stuck with the rest, significant portion of it until you do something about it.

What can you do?

Well, you have come this far, you can certainly go a bit more to get the full solution to your problems. If you had the will to hit the ground every day and shed your love handles, then you surely have it in you to complete the picture. So here’s what you can do about that loose skin to star with.

Improve skin health

All these years of bulging fat have tired out your skin so to speak. It has lost its elasticity. But you can get it back by following a healthy mixture of diet and habits.

Stop Smoking and Drinking

These are things you do need to let go of if you want to look like a better version of yourself. Smoking makes your skin older. We mean literally. And science is in agreement. You can search it, look it up on Google.

Smoking and Drinking do no good to your skin. In fact, as a study revealed, if you leave these habit for some time, say like a year or so, there would be a significant improvement in your skin quality. You would get back a vibrant and elastic skin. A younger and better skin is what you would get if you all but abandon these habits.

So if you are a chain smoker or a drinker, then perhaps it is a good time right about now to let go of it.

Healthier Diet

The benefits of a balanced, healthy diet cannot be stressed upon enough. It is taught to children since middle school to always have a good and healthy diet consisting of lots of fruits and vegetables. Now would be a good time for you to follow that instruction.

You have heard this line for like a million times that fruits and vegetables contain essential vitamins and minerals. These not only improve your lifespan but also your skin health. The vitamins and minerals that you ingest would help your skin in getting repaired after all the damage that fat has inflicted on it. Particularly Vitamins like Vitamin B and C and minerals like Copper. These are the Good Guys.

But you could argue at this point that if vitamins and minerals are all you need then why not go to a chemist shop and get yourself a dose of vitamin and mineral pills. You could do that. But there would be no guarantee of the safety. Also, it’s not the best, the natural way. So we are not going to advise you to do that.

Provide Moisture to it

This method is something that is practiced in tropical countries and even by tourists on a beach. You guessed it right- apply oil on your skin. It’s a great way to improve your skin tone and elasticity. You do not need to get yourself to the nearest beach to do it. You can do it right at home. Before going for a bath, you can apply a little bit of oil on your skin and rub it in real good.

Be sure not to use too much of it as that can give you an uncomfortable feeling. You can also opt for lotions and moisturizers available in the market. Keeping your skin hydrated is a great way to improve its health.

Pump Iron

Many of us are familiar with the expression. For those who aren’t, it roughly means “go build some muscles”. If you are a girl, then you do not need to frown at this solution. You can do it.

The logic is simple. There’s muscle under your skin. Now that the fat is all but gone, why not build your muscles in the place to look better?

You would be, in essence, letting your muscles stretch your skin but only to the point where it can find a better way to fit on your body. So lifting weights, doing some pull ups and push ups is definitely a good idea. One that you should totally go for.

Now if you are a man, you may not look like Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise after opting for this way but you would surely be getting rid of that saggy skin by finding a way to fill up the stretch with the help of your muscle. Not to mention the good it will do to your health and appeal.

Word of Advice

Before we say Sayonara to you, we would like to give you a word or two of advice. You have gone through a change. Kudos to you. You certainly have a willpower that many would envy. But now that you are you are faced with a not-so-unique problem.

While the aforementioned ways will certainly help you get rid of the saggy appearance left in the wake of your change, you need to be patient with yourself. Do not push yourself too hard when you think that you are not getting a result.

Your body bore the pain patiently all these years for you, don’t you think you owe it that much? Be patient and you will get the results in proper time. Do not opt for an unnatural, an artificial method like surgery. While it would get you the right amount of skin on your body, you would also be giving away something that you can only get if you go the distance yourself-satisfaction.

Now that was what we had to tell you. It is all up to you what you want to do next. We hope that we could help you the way you wanted.