In-line skate aka rollerblading is a fun way to your daily physical activity in your weight loss journey. The wheels of rollerblading line up in a single line at the base of your foot, unlike quad skates. Well, it might be fascinating but this “fun physical activity” actually helps you to burn a massive amount of calories once you start doing it continuously.

This is actually a great alternative for people who do not enjoy running or walking. A regular rollerblading can help you to lose a fair amount of weight.

Weight loss and Rollerblading

Well, you must know that every physical activity works n its own way. Rollerblading does help you in losing weight. In fact, a study shows that 250 minutes of rollerblading exercise weekly will help you to lose a fair amount of weight in just a few days. However, you all know that your weight loss results depend on your calorie intake. The number of calories you burn in a day should be more than the number of calories you consume. So if you can burn at least 500 calories per day while rollerblading, you can experience significant result.

How Many Calories Can You Burn With Rollerblading?

Well, rollerblading is considered to be the most effective cardiovascular exercise when it comes to burning calories. Although, you should know that the result varies from person to person depending on various things. However, a larger person will burn more calories. In average, a 155lb person will burn around 260 calories in 30 minutes duration of rollerblading. You will be pleased to know that rollerblading burns more calories than aerobics, weight lifting or walking. But, then again, you need to work hard to get the best results.

How to start your Rollerblading Exercise?

Rollerblading is actually quite easy once you are used to with your wheels. A study found out that rollerblading is far more effective than cycling or any other cardiovascular exercise. So it is advised to go for intense rollerblading exercise at least for 30 minutes a day. A regular rollerblading will give you the best results. Continue it for five to six weeks.

The Diet

Well, a good weight loss regime requires the combination of a healthy diet and a good exercise routine. So even when you are trying to lose weight with rollerblading, you need to understand that you need to follow a proper diet too for good results. Add a lot of proteins and fibers in your diet, leafy greens, whole grains and a lot of water. Avoid sugary things, meals that are high in saturated Trans fats or bad cholesterol. Avoid consuming many calories. In fact, try to skip calories completely. The right diet will give you the right results in just a few days.

Rollerblading is a great way to lose weight. All you have to do is follow the instructions properly and do the exercise the right way. The initial part might be tough but once you are used to it, you will definitely get amazing results. Start your rollerblading exercise ASAP and share your experience with us.