yoga workouts

For quite a long-time yoga has been a great alternative for machine exercise and people who hate the gym are quite satisfied with the results that yoga provide. The history of yoga takes us to ancient India but trust me now half of the world is going gaga over yoga. From supermodels to common people, yoga is quite a popular choice for people who want to lose weight and stay fit.

This sophisticated mind-body exercise does not only help you with losing weight, but it also changes your outlook towards life. Makes you feel peaceful, relaxes your mind just like a spa therapy. The cherry on top, it makes you look younger. Well, who will not want something in their life that can provide so many benefits?

How can Yoga help you to lose weight?

During a study, it has been proved that yoga can actually help you in losing weight. How? It lowers the level of your stress hormones in your body and increases the sensitivity of insulin. When the insulin sensitivity increases, your body burns the food as fuel rather than storing it as energy.

From what we have found in some other studies is that there is no specific scientific reason about how exactly it helps you in losing weight. But, it does have some spiritual reasons.

Yoga brings some changes in your life and your mind. You start to have a completely different mindset and your outlook towards life changes. So what you do is you completely change your view towards what you eat and how you should eat. You maintain more of a disciplined life, leaving behind your destructive eating patterns. However, you already know that a healthy lifestyle always comes in handy when you want to lose weight.

The best thing you learn from yoga is to love and pamper your own body. You learn how to take care of it and that what gives you the kick to keep your body healthy and fit.

How to start your first yoga session

You might be new to yoga and you may find it quite difficult to actually start your first yoga session. So here is a little help—

  • The yoga steps can be quite tempting to look at. If you do not want to see yourself doing some poses then practice yoga inside a room alone and without a mirror. Your appearances do not matter. What matters is your outer performance.
  • Give keen attention to each movement you make. Remember even the tiniest movement is important.
  • Push yourself to the “edge”. There must be a point where you want to stop. Push yourself to that point. But do not stop. Try to achieve it. But if you fail, do not feel bad. There is always a next time.
  • Learn yoga from someone. Be it from an internet video or someone in physical, look out for a teacher for yourself. So that you can correct yourself if you are going wrong somewhere.
  • Give yourself a bit of rest when it is needed.
  • Motivate yourself with some positive talking. Always keep telling yourself that you can do it.
  • Do not ditch your yoga session even for once. Maintain a strict time table for yourself.
  • Always remember that yoga is not only about getting the desired weight. It is also about learning things like patience, discipline, and modesty.
  • Spirituality will not bring changes in your life. It will also bring positive changes in the lives of people who are around you. This is what makes yoga special.

Yoga actually concentrates in bringing changes in your life. And these are positive changes that make your life beautiful. In my point of view, yoga is the best way to lose weight. Start your yoga session today and tell us how you feel.