Our world today has been pervaded by the idea of fitness, slender and a healthy body. This has led to the spread of lots of gyms and fitness programmes. The demand of the era is to have a slim, fit and gloriously toned body. We all envy those curves and abs of fitness models and actresses and drool wishing to know their workout secrets. Why not? Because a healthy mind always resides in a healthy body. But there lives an intimidation in our minds of gaining a masculine body frame intertwined with the idea of workout. A certain series of workout exercises for beginners can not only reduce weight in massive tons, but also fulfil our desire of having a toned body.

Cardio sessions

The beginners can start with cardio sessions including a set of exercises like skipping, kickboxing, aerobatics, power walking, cycling with regular intensity for the duration of workout on elliptical and treadmills .This must be done in alternative intervals as it proves to boost metabolism and also burn calories. It also enables the body to recover muscles for more toned body frame. This session must be done for 15-30 minutes in a day.

Strength workouts

Women does not have the sole desire to lose fat but also for a well- toned body. Cardio sessions burn fats along with some muscle. The set of certain strength training exercises recover those muscles and build them. It also proves as a resistance to fats. This includes weightlifting by dumbbells. Upper body concerning abs, chest and arms and lower body concerning thighs, hips and butt must be laid stress on during the workout.

Stretching regimen

Sitting long hours on laptops, board meetings throughout the day may make the body rigid. This calls for stretching sessions to elongate the muscles and for slender and toned body frame. It also improves posture of women giving her the grace. A regular regimen of static stretching exercise must be done for 15 minutes a day with other cardiovascular exercises.

Interval Jogging

Jogging is your old friend for attainment of perfect slender body. The more you do it, the more you bid adieu to your calories. The inclusion of 15 minutes jogging session in intervals not only burns your calories but also helps to relax your muscles and enables flexibility.

Squats and Lunges

Squats and lunges combined together can be very effective in forming strong calf muscles and reduce stomach fats. A set of 15 squats and 10 lunges each leg can not only reduce your bulging stomach but give you the slender and toned legs everyone to envy for.

Diet routine

It is a wrong assumption amongst women that one need to reduce their meals in order to look good. Diet control includes having fat free and no junkies rather than going on meal skipping spree. An ideal diet routine includes food with high protein, minerals and iron to build the stamina. The whole gym routine takes a faster effect only when combined with healthy food habits and saying no to smoking, drugs and liquor.

So here are the gym routine for losing weight and a toned body. Ladies, then get set to break a leg in the gym and say hello to a glorious body.