What to eat before and after workout?

A perfect and effective workout regime consists of a combination of power paced exercises and nutritious food and beverages. People; usually take into wrong consideration that workout to be effective only with less and meagre meals. But gym experts always advise that eating healthy and right things on right times are must for every workout schedule.

Here are certain foods and beverages which one needs to incorporate in their diet before and after a workout.

Before workout- One needs to have a lot of energy during the cardio sessions and other workout exercises. In this case, carbs are your best friend. Before your workout, you must have high protein yet a mixture of complex and simple carbs that would increase your metabolism and give you the strength to endure the sessions. So these are certain food one can have before their workout schedule-

Whole grain toast with Bananas

This food gives you strength for your workout sessions and is also easy to digest. It boosts up your energy along with bananas proving your body with an extra dose of potassium. You can add cinnamon for a bit flavour.


Oatmeal does wonders to your body. It provides you with high fibre, boosts up energy in your body and endurance in your bloodstream. Adding your favourite fruit with oats can even keep you hydrated through the session.


Smoothies are a current trendsetter in the whole gym world. These are easy to make with all goodness of vitamins and nutrients. One can easily prepare their favourite fruit smoothie with yogurt and feel freshen up with the flow of nutrients. They are energetic along with dehydrating properties.

After workout

After running hours on the treadmill and undergoing lots of cardio exercises, one burns a specific amount of calories. But we also tend to lose some muscles. So, experts advise people to consume wholesome food enriched with nutrients which helps in muscle recovery. It also enables the strained body to get some relief from the strict and enduring sessions. So these are certain food one can consume after a tiring workout session-

Salmon with veggies

After a workout, our body tends to starve and is strained. Thus, this food is an excellent way to provide it with the desired proteins. As salmon is enriched with protein, it relieves and provides muscle recovery and vegetables replenish one’s glycogen system.

Tuna sandwich

Enriched in high nutrients like omega-3 oils and protein, it gives the body the desired fuel-up after straining workouts. It also acts as an inflammatory reliever post-workout. It is light and low in calories which enable your workout to be more effective.

Chocolate milk

It is my favourite on the list. This beverage is filled with proteins and goodness of milk. It’s refreshing and also acts as a great saviour in muscle recovery. This drink comes with nutrients and a bonus of delicious treat.

Veggie omelette with avocado

This is a blend of nutrients, fibre, calcium and wholesome delicious treat. One can easily prepare omelette stuffing it with vegetables and avocados. This helps your muscles to relax and recover and its unique properties act as an anti-inflammation agent.

So here above are the nutria-packed foods for fuelling up your body before and after workout sessions. Bon appetite!