The alkaline diet plan is another healthy diet plan that helps you to lose weight. The idea of the alkaline diet plan relies on the theory that some foods such as meat, grains, sugar or processed foods can produce acids in your body and that can be harmful to you.

The alkaline diet plan does not only help you to shed a few pounds but it also keeps you away from health issues like constipation, heart problems, arthritis or cancer. Most western diet plans are quite unhealthy and it contains a lot of acids. Therefore here is the alkaline diet plan for you to cut off the acidic food items from your diet list.

Alkaline diet plan: A complete guide

Alkaline diet plan demands a lot of attention and you need to follow a few sets of rules. What alkaline diet plan actually does is that it keeps your body away from acids and keeps you away from the damages it can occur to your body.

Before you go ahead and start an alkaline diet plan check if your body is acidic. If your body is acidic then you will experience joint pains, heartburn or poor digestion. So here is how you need to start your alkaline diet plan—

The food you should add on your diet plan

All kinds of vegetables and fruits. Such as—

  • Apples, almonds, bananas, corn, mushrooms, olives, soybeans, bell peppers.
  • Green tea, lettuce, kiwi, melons, eggplants, green beans, tomatoes
  • Spinach, broccoli, cherries, cabbages, mangoes, apricots.
  • Strawberries, peas, sweet potatoes, radish, onions, orange juice, etc.
  • Lots of water

Along with these vegetables and fruits, there are a few others which you can add to your diet plans such as figs, dates, pears, wild rice, and cherries. The alkaline diet plan revolves around fruits and vegetables.

Foods you should avoid on your diet plan

All kinds of acidic foods. Such as—

  • Energy drinks and sodas.
  • Coffee, beef, white bread, eggs, wine.
  • Popcorn, cream cheese, cranberries, pickles, chocolates
  • All kinds of grains, pork, pasta, buttermilk, roasted nuts, sweetened fruit juice.
  • Yogurts and beer.
  • Distilled water.

Well, the alkaline diet plan is quite simple and it only contains fruits and vegetables. The diet plan does not only help you to lose weight but also keeps you healthy.

Does alkaline diet plan work?

Well, the alkaline diet plan works. It does help you to lose weight. The result may take a bit of time but it is long-lasting.

The diet plan claims to help you with the maintenance of your blood pH level. That means when you are on an alkaline diet plan, your body can keep your blood pH level constant. However, it is obvious that a diet full of fruits and vegetables and a lot of water is surely going to keep you healthy and fit as there is no trace of processed foods or harmful sugar. As you now that it is important for you to eat proper nutrients and avoid harmful foods in your weight loss journey. So yes! The alkaline diet plan does help you in losing weight.

The Last Words

Following alkaline diet plan can be quite a tough job as it has a lot of rules. Most people are quite fond of bread, eggs, beef or pasta. But it is a strict no to eat these foods in your alkaline diet plan. Also if you are a frequent traveler you may not be able to follow the alkaline diet plan. But it is a quite healthy and effective diet plan that can give you amazing results.