“An idle mind is a devil’s workshop.” We have come across this proverb many times in our life. Little that we know this has become the pattern of today’s lifestyle, only to be substituted by harmful junkies’ consumption in our idle time. Definitely, it’s not less than devil which piles on our body extra calories and degrades our health.

Most of the teenagers suffer from this habit. It looks outwardly so harmless. Many ask what ‘s the harm in eating when you are bored? Even some enumerates eating as their favourite pastime. But this harmful habit degrades health leading obesity, loss of appetite, digestion and metabolism.

So here are some tips which you can use to get away with this habit-

1Put a check on your eating cycle

The first thing is to ask yourself when and why you are eating on an unspecific time of day. One needs to understand that whether they are actually hungry or just eating for the sake of snacking. A check must be done on the eating patterns. This helps you to understand about your habit and the consequences of eating to stop boredom.

2Hunger levels

Some people are usually dehydrated which they mistake it for hunger. So, one should try to identify their hunger levels. In the above cases, one can drink water and see if it helps and drinking of water is a great healthy habit which flushes out all the impurities from your body.

3Incorporate new hobbies in your life

Snacking is usually done when you have nothing to indulge yourself in and are dying out of boredom. It hampers your workout regime and puts on extra calories in your body.

New hobbies like light exercises, writing, going for a walk, gardening etc brings a fresh atmosphere in your life. Instead of engaging your hands for eating snacks when bored, doing something productive will always keep you on happy tunes and beamed up to your dull life.

4Say no to junkies

A pack of chips, your favourite Oreo and pizza with French fries are always so lip-smacking but their effects on your body are quite dangerous. They put on extra calories, disturb your healthy eating patterns and degrade your health. Junkies should be highly avoided.

5Healthy foods as substitutes

Junkies should be substituted with healthy foods like fruits, juices and healthy snacks. This will enable you to intake more nutrition rather than mere calories.

6No eating on the bedroom

Eating meals should only be reserved for dining tables. Strict care must be taken to avoid eating in bedrooms. This is because; with their favourite TV series and comfort people tend to go overboard in eating than one should. This tip helps in making one aware of how much they are eating than they generally consume. And having meals at dining table also ensures a healthy lifestyle and also great family moments too.

7Preparing a snack schedule

One should schedule healthy snacks between meals. This helps in regulating your metabolism without making your stomach rumble and extra carbs intake.

These are certain tips which can be resolved when you have the habit of snacking when bored. Eating when bored not only piles extra calories on your body but dulls your mind too. So, rather than sitting on the couch all day with snacks, go out, be proactive and live life in each moment.