How to Take Apple Cider Vinegar for Weight Loss?Obesity has been one of the highest alarming health issue seen in the majority of people all around the globe. This is mostly due to changed lifestyle and unbalanced diet plans as well.

There have been a lot of remedies found in the course of time to help people lose weight and grow a better metabolism as well. One of which is apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar has been regarded as a useful tonic since ages, but in recent times it started earning a lot of recognition among the fitness freaks.

Apple cider vinegar works effectively to do a lot of benefit to our body but is it true that it also influences our weight loss procedure?

Apple cider vinegar is a fermented liquid made up of apples. It is manufactured by a two-step fermentation process. Firstly the apples are sliced and crushed so that juices are extracted and then the sugar is converted to alcohol form the juices. Secondly, alcohol is fermented using bacteria.

Apple cider vinegar mostly contains acetic acid, malic acid and the mother. The mother of Apple cider vinegar is an extremely important component that depicts the authenticity of the Apple cider vinegar. It is the substrate which is left behind, mostly filtered Apple cider vinegar will not have it and that kind of raises the question on its manufacturing as well. Hence it is always better to invest in buying Apple cider vinegar with the mother.

Benefits of apple cider vinegar for weight loss

Apple cider vinegar’s acetic acid has got multiple beneficial values:

  • It lowers the blood sugar level hence decreasing the chances of getting diabetes as well.
  • It enhances our metabolism rate and hence fat reduction is also influenced.
  • It helps in making our digestion better.
  • It helps in decreasing insulin levels.
  • It also helps in controlling our appetite.
  • It maintains the pH balance inside our stomach to some extent as well.

Now the question arises on how one should consume apple cider vinegar so that it helps in reducing their weight.

According to multiple tests, Apple cider vinegar has been influencing a lot of individual’s weight loss journey. Including Apple cider vinegar in their diet made their weight-loss procedure easier and also in general enhanced their health conditions. It helped in reducing the fat storage process happening in our body and also helps in reducing a few inches from our body parts.

How to use apple cider vinegar for weight loss?

Apple cider vinegar can be consumed as a morning drink before taking your breakfast. After waking up add one tablespoon or 15ml of Apple cider vinegar to a glass full of normal temperature water and sip it slowly. One can also take the option of adding a tiny amount of salt to this mixture to make the drink easier to consume. Due to the sourness and weird odour many people find it extremely difficult to consume Apple cider vinegar, in such cases, they can use the salt addition method to lower the sourness but the odour cannot be controlled.

This drink should be consumed every day without forgetting at all.

You can also use it in your salad dressings. Mix Apple cider vinegar with some olive oil and add it to your salad of cucumbers, green leafy vegetables and sprouts. Apple cider vinegar here will provide a tangy flavour to the salad which will make it taste quite interesting.
There are also Apple cider vinegar tablets available in the market currently which one can mix with water and consume easily.

You can also add Apple cider vinegar to your green healthy smoothies. Mostly green smoothies made of vegetables are tasteless or not at all good in taste, adding Apple cider vinegar to it will give it an interesting touch to the flavour. Also adding some salt will help out with the sour taste of it.

One can also mix Apple cider vinegar with lukewarm water and consume it in batches before every meal. It is said that Apple cider vinegar helps our brain to realize that there is not enough space to eat, hence it reduces our appetite to some extent making our weightless journey easier as well.

Possible side effects

  • Too much consumption of Apple cider vinegar can cause nausea; it can intoxicate our body and make our stomach extremely acidic which will be the last thing we want to happen with ourselves.
  • Consuming too much of Apple cider vinegar can also affect our teeth. Hence diluted Apple cider vinegar is always advised to be consumed.
  • Consuming undiluted Apple cider vinegar can burn our mouth and oesophagus. There are a lot of cases where situations like this have happened to people.
  • While consuming Apple cider vinegar tablets never gulp it with water, it will surely burn your mouth. Always dissolve the tablet in a glass of water and then drink the water slowly.
  • Too much apple cider vinegar can imbalance the pH of our body as well which should not happen as that will hamper our digestive system to a huge extent.

Whatever it takes to make Apple cider vinegar work to reduce fat it cannot function alone to make you lose weight, hence following a proper diet consisting of all the essential elements and devoid of all the fats and carbohydrates which gives us fat and regularly exercising will only help us lose weight effectively. Apple cider vinegar is just there to boost the whole process to bring effective results faster.

Also, it is always better to consult a nutritionist or ask people who have been consuming it daily before deciding to drink it on a regular basis. Since it is quite acidic in nature one should always be cautious while drinking Apple cider vinegar.

Consulting a person familiar with Apple cider vinegar consumption or a nutritionist will give you a better idea about the correct proportions of mixing Apple cider vinegar with water before consuming in order to not make your body intoxicated with acid.